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Apollo was born in Lubbock, Texas. He was raised 15 minutes west of Houston in the suburban town of Katy with his two sisters. Since the beginning of his educational career, Apollo was drawn to extracurricular activities, but took a special interest in sports and music. Some of the first music he ever discovered on his own was music by Queen, Frank Sinatra, and Johnny Cash. At the age of 10, Apollo found himself sitting in the choir room at his elementary school while waiting to be picked up from school and, by ear, taught himself the fundamentals of piano through months of repetitive trial and error, which was his first exposure to creating music. Furthering his newfound talent and enthusiasm for creating music, Apollo then began taking guitar lessons while at the same time taking part in the school band as a percussionist. His band career lasted for four years and ended his sophomore year of high school when he decided the band wasn't the right musical forum for him, and began to focus more on sports. At 19-years-old, after a 3 year drought of not creating music, Apollo was welcomed into the Lion League family. He had became very close friends with One Peace during their senior year in high school. He would often be in the studio during the collaborative efforts of One Peace and Swahv and after a while was producing beats of his own. 

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