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Colorado music producer, videographer, entrepreneur, Swahv, started in punk rock, thrash, and hardcore before getting in the hip hop scene. As a young transplant from Southern California it was always DIY since the beginning of his musician career. His start within the music industry was booking and promoting local hardcore and punk shows through his booking company, and playing drums in a hardcore band. Being born in a musical family, he’s a self taught bassist, drummer, and guitar player. The most recent years have been spent honing in music business education, video production, audio engineering, music production, marketing, and forming his label Lion League Music. His major influences include RZA, DJ Premiere, MF Doom, Pete Rock, Dre, Madlib, Mike Will Made it, and Eric Arc. He loves the cinematic film styles of Scorsese, Speilberg, Tarantino, Vince Gilligan, and Guy Ritchie. He has music video credits with Hardo, Audio Push, Anville, Tone ET, One Peace, and more. Swahv has produced tracks with Smoke Dza, Hi-Rez, OP, Anville, Dr.Spaztztk, JMAN the King, Tone ET, and several more.  

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